MSL Tenant Family

Tenant Since: 2016
142 E. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-385-1921
Tenant Since: 2012
433 N. Alexander Street
Phone: (352) 735-8387
thumb_Checkered Moon
Tenant Since: 2017
237 W. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-729-2063
Tenant Since: 2006
200 W. 5th Avenue
Phone: (352) 735-4451
Tenant Since: 2006
421 Baker Street
Phone: 352-385-3540
Tenant Since: 2014
425 N. Alexander Street
Phone: 352-735-3327
Tenant Since: 2009
135 E. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-383-1794
thumb_Lee fushion
Tenant Since: 2015
137 E. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-735-2036
Tenant Since: 2003
237 W. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-383-5451
Tenant Since: 2013
145 E. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-385-0034
Tenant Since: 2013
144 E. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-385-0024
Tenant Since: 2018
129 W. 5th Avenue
Phone: 352-729-6618
Tenant Since: 2003
239 W. 4th Avenue
Phone: 352-385-2669
Tenant Since: 2005
206 W. 5th Avenue
Phone: 352-383-9091
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Featured Property

237 W. 4th Avenue, #2.

Located in the beautiful Arbors & Eyebrows Retail Complex, this suite has first-floor retail space with a loft perfect for an office and/or storage and a private restroom. Suite 2 has access for customers from 4th Avenue and the common area breezeway.

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Tenant Spotlight

Lee Fusion Art Glass

Lee Fusion Art Glass Studio Owners and Artisans Wayne Taylor, Sr and Sheldon Bickford spend countless hours selecting just the perfect mix of window glass to create their masterpieces, end result a beautiful collection of fused tableware..

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MSL News

Modernism Museum

Presented by Main Street Leasing, Modernism Museum Mount Dora opens an exciting new exhibit Space Oddities: Bowie | Sottsass | Memphis, featuring the definitive collection of the late David Bowie

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