A Commitment To Downtown Mount Dora

Main Street Leasing is committed to preserving our City's historical allure - the kind that makes Mount Dora, one of central Florida's top tourist destinations.

With eight major annual events drawing scores of thousands to Mount Dora, The Square at Arbors and Eyebrows - where MSL planted its first seeds - is now a highlight with both tourists and locals, providing retail space to a variety of richly valued local businesses - and that's where we begin our journey.

...Our Renovation History Starts with The Square at Arbors & Eyebrows, Downtown Mount Dora. 1998

The inspiration for The Square at Arbors and Eyebrows was the original Dudek home (circa 1918) and carriage house – the latter of which featured an architectural element known as an eyebrow window. With an arbor connecting the two structures, the Arbors & Eyebrows name was an organic fit.

Original House

Original Dudek House as photographed in 1979.

1974 view of Carriage House turned Garage
Showing "Eyebrow" Window and Arbor off to left


The whole of the Dudek property, which is where MSL began its renovation efforts in the City, now is host to the Arbors and Eyebrows Complex of tourist-worthy/locally loved retail shops – a thriving complex of stores and restaurants designed and constructed utilizing many attributes of the carriage house and adjoining property. Firmly rooted businesses such as Checkered Moon South, Double Creek Pottery, Maggie's Attic,  Pisces Rising and Cecile's French Café.

Pices Rising

Pisces Rising in Original Dudek House structure

Cecils French Cafe

Cecile’s French Café in the original Carriage House Structure


The Square at Arbors & Eyebrows is a favorite gathering place overflowing with ambient allure. What once was a corner lot with neglected orange trees is now a flourishing retail and restaurant complex. As homage to Ms. Dudek's circular garden, a five-tier fountain serves as the focal point of the courtyard at the intersection of the breezeways.

Ms. Dudek's Original Circular Garden

5 Tier Fountain


...Adding on to The Square at Arbors & Eyebrows, Downtown Mount Dora in 2000

The Arbors & Eyebrows complex took on an expansion in 2000, when the property at the intersection of 5th and Alexander Street became available. The location had served for decades as a gas station, first opening in 1929 by J.C. Cully and finally closing under the Frisby family as an Exxon station. It was vacant for three years until it was acquired and then developed by Main Street Leasing.


Original Gas Station



This former full-service petrol station is now occupied by Em'z on Fifth and Pure Aveda Salonspa. The Square at Arbors & Eyebrows encompasses one entire city block bordered by 5th Avenue on the north, 4th Avenue on the south, McDonald Street on the west and Alexander Street on the east.

Additional Properties of Historical Significance

Located at 433 N. Alexander Street and built circa 1889, this property is believed to have been the home of Col. John Alexander. The Alexander house was next occupied by Mr.& Mrs. Charles Fuller of Cleveland, OH. The original wrap-around porch was removed at some point, and in 1982 the south sun porch was also removed when the building was remodeled. This space was used for office rentals (first floor) and residential space (top two floors) before Main Street Leasing acquired it. In 2012 it was built out to be a restaurant, now featuring The Bavarian Haus German Restaurant.

This property at 425 N. Alexander Street is believed to have been built by William Hill in 1882. The house originally faced south and had a double veranda embellished with a jigsawn porch balustrade. The porch has since been enclosed and a window removed on the west side to make a new entrance. The Wingler Insurance Company occupied the building for decades until it became a retail store. In 2014, Main Street Leasing developed it into a restaurant, now proudly serving as home to Gianni's Italiano Restaurant.