Main Street Leasing offers prime store front and beautiful free standing buildings, both single and two story. All of our properties are located in the downtown area, boast excellent pedestrian traffic and have a unique small town charm. Main Street Leasing is very proud to be a corporate citizen in Mount Dora. We continue to engage in improving the downtown, both in maintaining its charm and encouraging its vibrancy. Downtown is the heart and soul of Mount Dora. Main Street Leasing is dedicated to making it the very best. We strive to honor Mount Dora's great tradition of carefully maintaining its charm, quaintness and hospitality. To that end we look for one-of-a-kind stores and unique restaurants that will add to the vibrancy of our town. We look forward to helping you explore the best place to fit your business within the Main Street Leasing family. Please contact us at 352-735-0334.


  • What are CAM Charges? +

    This stands for Common Area Maintenance charges and is the cost of items such as landscaping, common area lighting, pressure washing, etc. These charges are based on expenses for the year and paid monthly.
  • What is the length of the lease? +

    Typically we require a 5 year lease.
  • What insurance coverage is required? +

    Lessee, at its expense, will maintain plate glass, public liability, and property damage insurance insuring Lessee and Lessor with a minimum coverage as follows: One million dollars ($,1,000,000) general liability and annual aggregate of $2,000,00 for bodily injury and property damage and specialized plate glass for replacement value. Lessee will provide Lessor with a Certificate of Insurance showing Lessor as additional insured. Lessee shall be responsible for the payment of the entire premium of Lessor's Business Owner's Insurance on the premises occupied by Lessee as described herein. Lessee shall pay premium on a monthly basis based on the last year's Lessor premiums. It shall be prorated over twelve (12) months, and that prorated amount shall be determined each year in the month following the date of renewal of any policy and be payable on the first day of each month beginning on the anniversary date of the lease with the base rent, and any overage from the following year will be paid forthwith.
  • What is a Triple Net Lease? +

    MSL uses a modified triple net lease, whereby the Lessee shall be responsible for all obligations which are normally imposed on the owner of real estate with respect to the Premises which may accrue during the Term including, responsibility for the payment of all real estate taxes, special assessments, CAM, Owner’s insurance premiums, repair, and replacement costs and expenses in connection with the leased property. MSL shall be responsible for maintaining the plumbing that is inside the walls, the roof, the exterior walls, and the structural foundation (including any retrofitting required by governmental authorities).
  • What are the monthly expenses? +

    Base Rent
    7% Sales Tax
    Real Estate Taxes
    Common area maintenance
    Utilities: Electric, water & waste (all included in one bill paid directly to the City of Mount Dora)

  • What business licenses are required? +

    Typically business occupational licenses are required by the City and County as a minimum. Other licenses may be required depending on your occupancy.

    Local Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License):

    City of Mount Dora occupational license:

  • What type of signage is available? +

    Commercial properties are required to comply with sign codes and ordinances as is permitted by the City of Mount Dora. Copies of the cities sign regulations can be provided.
  • How do I handle repairs and maintenance? +

    For repair and maintenance issues you can contact Main Street Leasing's full time staff
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